About Us

Bill Boyd is the owner of Protector Flood Restoration. With over 20 years in the cleaning industry, Bill is a seasoned professional technician who has been through thousands of water losses. A flood of any size can be overwhelming if you’ve never gone through it. Bill Boyd can calmly help you through the process.

The water intrusion needs to be extracted as quickly as possible and a drying system set up to insure your home dries out before mold grows. The longer a flood sits untreated the longer it will take to dry out and the greater the risk for microbial growth.

We will come in and assess the damage to the affected area, make our recommendations based on industry standards and provide an estimate for the prospective work. As an IICRC certified Master Water Restorer, Bill Boyd is experienced and qualified to return your home to a clean and dry.

Other Flood Restoration companies use conventional drying, which takes significantly longer to dry out. A longer drying time means an increase in cost to insurance companies due to having to replace items, rather than completely drying them out, as well as increased inconvenience to the homeowner due to the ability to use the affected area of their home.

24/7 Emergency Service

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