The Electric Thermal Energy System, or E-TES is a state-of-the-art technology uses heat to accelerate drying.a rapid structural drying technique called the TES thermal energy system, a high-speed structural drying system that produces desert dry conditions in record time and is the most advanced structural drying technology in the industry. TES is a unique water damage restoration system that combines direct airflow and contained heat to rapidly dry structures. TES heats the materials - not the air - to produce high-speed evaporation and dramatically improve the drying process. E-TES or Electric Thermal Energy System converts electricity to heat and uses an air-mover to circulate the heated air.

The E-TES offers two main advantages over other drying systems:

  • It dries structural materials out faster using heat. By adding heat, evaporation is accelerated like a hairdryer drying wet hair.
  • It provides more comprehensive documentation by logging the drying conditions throughout the drying process. The E-TES SD takes a measurement of the room every minute. It records Air Temperature, Moisture Content, Relative Humidity, and Surface Temperature

Thermal Imaging

Determining the extent of moisture intrusion and migration requires the use of moisture detection equipment. We evaluate and document the extent of water migration in structure, systems and contents and absorption using appropriate moisture detection equipment. Since water can flow under walls, and come from above, it is important to inspect adjoining rooms even when no water is visible on the surface of floor coverings. The size of a building can make it difficult to detect moisture using conventional moisture meters.

Our Thermal imaging devices are used to show water flow patterns in a building in hard to reach places, increasing the efficiency of documenting affected areas and water mitigation.

The Thermal Imaging Camera displays a wide spectrum of colors to identify different surface temperatures; cool colors indicate cool temperatures, while warmer colors; warm temperatures. Although this device only measures and records surface temperature, the trained user can determine if the temperature pattern is moisture, or simply thermal migration through the structure.

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