Extremely Knowledgable and Professional by Shelly Shannon – 9/14
Protector owned and operated (the manpower) to do the upmost in fixing our problem. I spoke to and worked with Bill and he did not oversell! He extended the repair beyond what was promised because it took longer than we thought to get dry, free of charge. They are honest and have high integrity.
Five Stars! by Andy and Jackie Jasinski – 11/13
PFR was extremely curteous and professional, and made it a priority to schedule servicing times that were convienient for us. I would definately seek their services in the future. Thanks Bill!
Highly Recommend by Katie Evans – 01/09/12
Bill was extremely helpful and responsive during a stressful time. We are new homeowners and Bill explained everything he was going in great detail. He also took plenty of pictures for insurance purposes and worked fast to get our basement clean and safe. We trusted him and would highly recommend.
Great Service by JoAnn Goldstein – 06/24/12
Our upstairs neighbors furnace leaked water into our furnace/laundry room. Bill Boyd checked the ceiling for water damage & found the areas where there was still water. He set up his equipment & was back everyday for 2 days to check to see when it was dry. After it dried he took out his equipment & then vacummed the whole area. We had a different problem with a drying rack blocking the door he even took care of that. He is great to work with.
Professional and Knowledgeable Flood and Mold Restorer by Elaina K. – 01/10/12
Bill Boyd was professional and knowledgeable. During the week he spent in our home, he arrived on time and achieved both his and our goals of what was to be completed each day; in addition, he thoroughly explained each process and willingly answered any questions we had. Therefore, if anybody desires a professional and knowledgeable restorer, I would recommend using Protector Flood Restoration and, in particular, Bill Boyd.
Superior Service by Leonard Adams – 01/09/12
The Protector came promptly after a broken water line flooded our kitchen. It was a pleasure dealing with the company owner, Bill Boyd. He analyzed the problems carefully and coordinated with the flooring contractor during the removal of the old floor and prior to the installation of the new floor. His interaction with our insurance adjuster was flawless and that made it possible to obtain an equitable settlement on an expedited basis.
Most importantly, The Protector brought in the right remediation and diagnostic equipment and completed the job in a rapid and professional manner. Mr. Boyd was on the site every day without fail until the job was done. He worked right up until the day before Christmas.
I recommend The Protector to anyone who finds themselves in the terrible situation of significant water damage.